Five Reasons to Celebrate a Boo-tiful Halloween at Santa’s Enchanted Forest!

A bit of history … For 30 years, Santa’s Enchanted Forest opened on the first Thursday in November. In 2013, Halloween fell on a Thursday, which meant the park normally would not have opened until Nov. 7. Rather than wait, Santa’s embraced Halloween and invited guests to come to opening day in costume and enjoy lights, rides, food AND trick or treating. The response was overwhelmingly positive – families were thrilled to have a safe, fun and unique place to celebrate.

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Opening day in 2015 is Thursday, Oct. 29, so once again Santa’s – like many other theme parks around the nation – will be open on Halloween night.

So why celebrate with Santa’s? Here are five reasons why you should indulge in a hauntingly good time!

  1. The only thing scary about Halloween at Santa’s is how much fun you can have in just one night. While other amusement parks advertise weekends of fright and terror, Santa’s wants you to experience the enchantment of the holiday season with a fun Halloween twist – parades, special treats and awesome memories.
  2. It’s one huge costume party! Put on your superhero outfit, deck the kids as pirates and princesses and join Santa and all his friends. Bonus – if the kids aged nine and under are dressed in costume, they get in for free before 7 p.m.!
  3. It’s a scream for the entire family! The kids get to show off their costumes and trick or treat down Santa Claus Lane, but there’s so much more! Tots, teens, and adults can all take part in the festivities. Brilliant Christmas lights, spectacular shows and exciting carnival rides – from the family-friendly merry-go-round to the thrilling Crazy Mouse – are included in the price of admission.
  4. Photo ops galore! Pictures with Santa, elves, reindeer and South Florida’s largest Christmas tree. Great posts for Facebook and Instagram!
  5. Next year the park opens in November. In 2016, Halloween falls on a Monday and the park will once again open on the first Thursday in November. It’ll be at least another four years before you can celebrate Halloween in a winter wonderland again. Don’t miss your chance to experience Halloween at Santa’s Enchanted Forest!


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