Twelve Signs that You’re a Santa’s Enchanted Forest Superfan

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  1. You know every word to the jingle. “Santa’s Enchanted Forest. Come to see the lights at the wonderful Santa’s Enchanted Forest …” Don’t stop now. Keep singing! You are known to hum the tune after hearing it on the radio or seeing a commercial on television (check out this ad from recent years!). You’ve even inspired a few sing-a-longs at work and at home.
  2. You’ve created a family tradition. You have fond memories of visiting the park as a child and now your holidays just aren’t the same without a trip to Santa’s Enchanted Forest. First you brought your significant other and now your own children.
  3. When it comes to celebrating the holidays, you know winter weather is totally overrated. You can’t wait to bring family from the North to the park to show them how South Florida creates a winter wonderland! They won’t have to worry about snow and frostbite here, and they’ll still be able to enjoy a spectacular holiday light show, plus rides – so many thrilling rides!
  4. Speaking of rides … you have ridden the Crazy Mouse and Avalanche so many times you’ve lost count! The thrill coasters are your first stop when you get to the carnival attractions … before you stop to indulge in fried foods and other yummy treats.
  5. You have a plan as soon as you walk through the gates. You’ve figured out how to maximize your time in the park. From what day of the week you come to the Express Passes you’ve nabbed on busier nights, you know exactly what to do!
  6. Fried Oreos, people! At the end of October, your mouth is already watering for fresh squeezed lemonade, elephant ears, churros and chocolate-covered strawberries. You also know exactly where to find the steak and chicken fajitas that leave room in your diet for carnival delicacies like cotton candy and fresh hot donuts.
  7. Your holiday cards feature at least one family picture taken at Santa’s. Whether in front of South Florida’s Tallest Christmas tree, with Santa himself or on Mistletoe Lane, it was hard to narrow it down to just one photo. It’s so much fun to look back at numerous photos in front of the tree and see how your family and children have grown each year!
  8. Your ears perk up when someone mentions the word “elf” in October. You started looking for the Early Elf deal in the middle of July, scouring Facebook posts and to make sure you don’t miss out on a great bargain for season passes!
  9. Pig races, tiger encounter or magic show? Your family has lively debates about which shows to see first – and you can’t wait to see them again.
  10. You’ve been practicing your aim. You have spent a considerable amount of free time tossing both baseballs and insults This will be the year you dunk Scrooge on the first try and that insult clown … well he’s going down, too!
  11. Celebrity sightings! You’ve got at least one story about meeting a famous person at Santa’s. Every year, you’re happy to tell someone, “Remember that time I bumped into Dwayne Wade walking down Santa Claus Lane …”
  12. You have a soft spot for Mistletoe Lane. Whether it’s just being moved by the holiday spirit, or because that’s where you had your first kiss, the thought of the gazebo on Mistletoe Lane makes you smile. So it will come as no surprise when this couple’s story (scroll down to “The Proposal”) brings a tear to your eye.

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