Bring your appetite to Santa’s!

Thanksgiving conjures up images and aromas of a traditional feast with roasted turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, dressing, pumpkin pie and special family recipes. Yum! But if you’re planning to head to Santa’s this holiday weekend, don’t fill up on leftovers. There’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds!

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Truthfully, there are simply too many options to choose from, but we’ve tried to highlight some of the most popular on this list. Below are 10 fan favorites in no particular order …

  1. Fresh squeezed lemonade
    This refreshing drink is a park staple. Grab a cup while you’re deciding what to eat.
  2. Smoked turkey legs
    Want more Thanksgiving-themed fare? Try these carnival favorites … no fork and knife required.
  3. Roasted corn
    Street food at its finest. Fresh and fire-roasted – grab an ear or two!
  4. Potatoes in the form of French fries
    You may have had them mashed, baked or scalloped for Thanksgiving, but now enjoy them as a giant, swirly stacks of fries with ranch dressing, bacon and cheese or as poutine, a delicious combination of French fries, cheese and gravy.
  5. Burgers and sandwiches, Latin style
    Better known as fritas Cubanas, pan con bistec, pan con lechon and Cuban sandwiches, these flavors will make your taste buds do a happy dance.
  6. Fajitas
    When Virginia and Jason from The KVJ Show (now on 97.9 WRMF) took a food tour of Santa’s Enchanted Forest, fajitas were on the menu. Choose your fillings and dig in, but have the napkins ready. “If you ain’t making a mess, you ain’t doing it right,” said Jason. “That’s the best thing about it,” added Virginia. “It’s flavorful and oozing and … so good.”
  7. Flavors from around the world
    We’re cheating a bit here because this list could go on for days, but visitors have said they like to munch on Greek gyros, Spanish pinchos (steak, chicken or pork kabobs) and Venezuelan arepas (savory bites of dough filled with corn and cheese).
  8. Elephant ears
    How can you go wrong with a cinnamon-sugared, fried dough confection? You could also satisfy your sweet tooth with cinnamon churros.
  9. Fried candy bars, choice chocolates and candy apples
    There is no shortage of sugary delicacies at Santa’s Enchanted Forest. Be adventurous and order a fried Snickers bar for a battered, melted chocolate and caramel explosion of flavor or indulge in a carnival tradition of candy apples.
  10. Mini donuts
    End your evening with a bag of joy. Virginia and Jason completed their satisfying trip with these homemade rings, fried right in front of you. “This is what life is about,” said Jason.

Did we get your mouth watering? And we didn’t even list the pizza, barbecue, nachos and cotton candy! Share your favorite bites on Facebook or post photos of you and your family enjoying a snack at Santa’s. Use the hashtags #sefmemories or #santasenchantedforest.

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