Top Six Thrill Rides at Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Love that feeling when your stomach plummets as your zooming around a track or flying through the air? These rides will make you laugh, scream or both. Thrill seekers, head to Santa’s!

I see rides. OMG, I am 16 again. I love, love, love rides – the scarier the better, the faster and more intense, the happier I am.” (Michelle C.)

If you’d rather get your heart racing without the drops, spins and turns, don’t worry. From the merry-go-round to the bumper cars, there are plenty of other kid and family-friendly rides to make you smile too.

This list features six of the most talked about thrill rides at the park (in no particular order).


Mega Drop. Take a pleasant journey to the top of a tall tower and get a great view of the park before you plummet back down to earth in the ultimate adrenaline rush! The country’s tallest drop ride accelerates to 80 mph in a matter of three seconds.


Crazy Mouse. The most popular ride in the park. Hop in a car with three of your closest friends and feel as though you may fly right off the track! Twists, wild spinning and drops are all a part of this adventure.
“The highlight of my night was the mouse roller coaster. That was pretty wild and had my whole family laughing hysterically!“ (Carolyn D.)


Magnum. You may want to wait to indulge in the carnival treats until after this ride. If the dizzying delight of spinning round a track isn’t enough, the cars also rock back and forth until your feet are in the air or you flip over all together. Give yourself a moment to catch your balance after the movement stops.


Windstorm. The country’s fastest traveling roller coaster boasts a track of drops and turns that light up the faces of coaster enthusiasts. Throw your arms in the air and enjoy!
“… The Windstorm had me screaming at the top of my lungs.” (Jo H.)


Giant Slide. Proof that you’re never too old to go down a slide, this attraction features eight lanes and a height that allows riders to reach speeds of 25 mph! Race your friends and family and see who can take the plunge the fastest.


Sky Hawk Swings. Soar 100 feet above the ground and enjoy Christmas scenes and Miami lights from a whole new perspective.

Check out all of Santa’s rides at Tell us about your favorite thrills in the comments or post your photos online and tag us. Use the hashtag #santasenchantedforest.

9 thoughts on “Top Six Thrill Rides at Santa’s Enchanted Forest

  1. This is my first time ever going to Santa’s Enchanted Forest. My friends and I are very excited and happy to visit since we’ve heard so many positive things about it just waiting to experience it ourselves.


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