34 reasons to own a Santa’s Enchanted Forest Season Pass

Tis the season to dive into holiday fun at Santa’s Enchanted Forest! Smile at the decorations and lights. Scream aboard thrilling carnival rides. Munch on delicious goodies. Repeat the joy with a season pass!

There’s so much to do at Santa’s Enchanted Forest that you can see and experience something new with every trip you take to the park. In honor of the World’s Largest Holiday Theme Park celebrating its 34th season, here is a countdown of 34 reasons to purchase your season pass.

34) The playlist. Santa’s tunes bring back memories of seasons past while you create new memories with family and friends.


33) Awesome holiday displays. Tons of scenes to explore and enjoy on every visit.

32)  South Florida’s largest Christmas tree. Attend the lighting ceremony on opening night, Nov. 3, and then come back again and again to gaze in awe at the Giant Christmas Tree Musical Light Show Spectacular!

31)  Surfing with Santa! If that’s not enough, you can also sing karaoke with Elsa and Anna (Technically that’s two reasons, but narrowing it down to 34 isn’t easy!).

30)  Santa’s maze. Get lost in a winter wonderland.

29)  Photo ops with a NEW twist. Share your fun memories on Snapchat with the NEW Santa’s geofilter (more details coming soon).

28)  Letters to Santa. Write a postcard for the big guy and drop it in the mailbox for holiday delivery.


27)  The Grinch. Every Who in Whoville will rejoice as you attack the green guy with a flurry of paintballs.

26)  The Fearless Flores Family. Catch a live performance from an America’s Got Talent finalist.

25)  Pig racing. A site to behold – join your friends to see this or the FMX Motorcross extravaganza or a magic show …  you’ll keep coming back for Santa’s entertainment options!


24)  Face-painting. The kids will love their new looks!

23)  Pony rides. So cute!

22)  The petting zoo. Even more cuteness! Feed and pet the adorable baby animals.

21) A kiss from a sea lion.  A social-media worthy moment at the Sea Lion Splash Spectacular.


20)  Competition. Claim victory in a water gun race or any of our other friendly games.

19) Eight seconds of glory. How long can you and your friends last on the mechanical bull?

18)  Personal challenges. There’s a climbing wall that must be conquered. Can you ring the bell?

17)  The super annoying clown. You may think it’s a reason to avoid his corner of the park, but Santa’s gives you the opportunity to dunk him! Use his insults as fuel to hit the target and take him down!


16)  The merry-go-round. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Fun for children of all ages, including the kid in you!

15) Bumper cars! Give your friends (and yourself) an awesome case of whiplash with a few good slams.

14)  The opportunity to live the life of a hamster. Take a spin in our waterballs and laugh at the silliness!

13)  Bungee jumping. Kick off an evening of thrills

12)  More thrills! Get dizzy on the Crazy Mouse.

11)  Screams of delight. Experience the ultimate thrill of the Mega Drop – drop 150 feet in mere seconds.

10)  Carnival food aromas. The scent of roasted corn, fried donuts, turkey legs, elephant ears and more … is your mouth watering yet?


9)    Yummy pizza. Grab a slice from Casa Pizza to satisfy a craving for gooey cheese and savory toppings.

8)    Cotton candy. How many bags of sugary goodness can you eat in one night? In one season?

7)    Candy apples. So many flavors! Enjoy a new and equally delicious treat on every visit.

6)    Chocolate. The choices are endless from chocolate covered marshmallows to deep-fried Oreos.

5)    More sugar rushes. Fried donuts can make a perfect end to the evening!

4)    Scrapbook-worthy memories. Fun holiday photos to share with family and friends for years to come.


3)    Visits with Santa.  He loves to hang out at Santa’s and hear from all the boys and girls. Adults can share their Christmas wishes too!

2)    Kisses under the mistletoe. Grab your Mr. or Mrs. Claus and stroll hand and hand down Mistletoe Lane. Get swept up in a romantic moment, whether it’s your first kiss or your one-millionth!


And the no. 1 reason to grab a season pass for Santa’s Enchanted Forest?
So you don’t miss out on the fun and excitement of our 34th season!!! Tens of thousands will travel to Santa’s this season to enjoy the holiday magic and carnival adventures.

We hope to see you there again and again!


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