How Well Do You Know Santa’s Enchanted Forest?

You know Santa’s Enchanted Forest is the world’s largest holiday theme park with over 100 rides, games, shows and attractions. But do you know how tall our Christmas tree is or when the park originally opened?

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A fixture in South Florida for 34 years, Santa’s Enchanted Forest has become an annual tradition for many visitors. If you’ve made Santa’s a destination year after year, see how many of our trivia questions you can answer. And if you’re just now checking us out, below are some fun facts to read before you experience the joy first hand.

  1. What year did Santa’s Enchanted Forest open?
  2. Exactly how tall is South Florida’s largest Christmas tree?
  3. How many rides did the park have in its first year?
  4. Can you name those rides?
  5. About how many lights give Santa’s Enchanted Forest its holiday glow?
  6. When does Santa’s hold its annual tree lighting ceremony?
  7. What year did Santa’s first introduce the tree show set to music?
  8. Finish the lyrics … “Santa’s Enchanted Forest Come to see the lights of the wonderful Santa’s Enchanted Forest, Games, Food ____________ and _____________.” Need a hint? Check out this commercial from years past …
  9. What show has entertained audiences at Santa’s for the longest period of time?
  10. When is the earliest date that Santa’s has opened for the season?
  11. How many rides does the park have now?
  12. How many of those are roller coasters? Can you name them?
  13. What is the fastest roller coaster in the park this year?
  14. What ride reaches the highest heights in 2016?
  15. When do the elves start decorating the trees in order to be ready for opening day?
  16. What year did the park begin selling express passes?
  17. In 2005, what celebrity athlete dressed up as Santa and brought holiday gifts and cheer to Santa’s Enchanted Forest?
  18. In more recent years, which celebrity couple has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to bring families to Santa’s for holiday fun?
  19. On average, how many visitors does Santa’s welcome each year?
  20. When does Santa’s close for the season?


Answers: 1. 1983 | 2. 90 ft. tall | 3. 1 | 4. Merry-go-round | 5. More than three million lights | 6. The first Thursday in November | 7. 2014 | 8. Shows and Nativity | 9. Fearless Flores Family, a thrilling motorcycle act | 10. Last year on October 29, 2015. Visitors could even go trick or treating at the park on Halloween! | 11. More than 40 | 12. This year there are six roller coasters, two family coasters – the Orient Express and Wacky Worm, and four more thrilling ones – Avalanche, Crazy Mouse, the RC-48 and Windstorm | 13. The RC-48 Roller Coaster reaches a speed of 35 mph | 14. The Sky Hawk Swings will have you flying 100 ft. in the air! | 15. Early July | 16. 2013 | 17. Shaquille O’Neal | 18. Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union | 19. More than one million | 20. On the last Sunday before the end of Dade County Schools’ winter break; usually the first weekend in January.

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