Santa’s Counts Its Blessings


The month of November, and particularly Thanksgiving, is often a time for expressions of gratitude. Santa’s has a lot to be thankful for over the past 34 seasons. Below are just a few of the blessings we’ll be counting over smoked turkey legs at the park.

South Florida winter weather. Can you imagine trying to host our holiday wonderland in several feet of snow? Not to mention how hard it would be to keep the rides operating. We are very grateful visitors don’t have to bundle up in heavy winter coats, hats and scarves to enjoy Santa’s Enchanted Forest.

Enticing aromas. The carnival food scents wafting through the air are simply wonderful. Fresh roasted corn, fajitas, fried donuts … like Toucan Sam says, “Follow your nose. It always knows!” Curious about all of the treats that convince us to not count calories for at least one evening each year? Check out post, “Bringing Your Appetite to Santa’s.”


Crowd noises. We love hearing children squeal with happiness when they catch a glimpse of Santa and teenagers and adults screaming with delight on our rides – especially the truly thrilling ones! Families laughing together is another sound we truly treasure.

Faces of joy. As much as we love hearing you have fun, we are even more thankful to see the smiles on visitors’ faces as they walk through holiday scenes and take in the spectacle of sights. Whether it’s the excitement of children as they experience the carnival rides, the awesome reactions of teens as they take on more awesome thrills, the fascination of the audience watching one of our live shows or the merriment of kids and families dancing to the musical Christmas tree light show – there are so many things to get excited about at Santa’s and that makes us really, really happy!


Our employees. From the folks working the entry booths and dressing up in characters to the ride operators and behind-the-scenes team that begins setting up our Christmas tree in July, we appreciate everyone who helps make Santa’s a joy to visit!

You. Santa’s would not be in its 34th season without all of you. We are so grateful that you choose share a part of your holiday season with us. We look forward to seeing you again soon!


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