Heading to Santa’s? Come Hungry!

Of course, you’ll be mesmerized at the millions of twinkling lights. For sure, you’ll want to scrape the sky in the world’s largest traveling Ferris wheel. Santa’s loves for visitors to experience the merriment of Christmas festivities and the thrills of the rides, shows and pure fun.

But bring your appetite, too – enticing aromas and mouth-watering selections have been a part of the Santa’s tradition for 35 years!


Just want to enjoy some classic fair food? We got you covered. Freshly squeezed lemonade, smoked turkey legs, potato chips, French fries, pizza, popcorn, kettle corn and chicken on a stick all wait to be devoured. Fresh ears of corn sizzle as they are roasted to perfection. Dough is fried to a gorgeous golden brown for funnel cakes, elephant ears and donuts before being doused in finger-licking good powdered sugar. Your favorites are almost certainly enticing you to head to the park.


Prefer food with an international flair? You’ll find it at Santa’s! Savor the Latin American delicacies of carne asada – grilled, sliced beef with a charred flavor – and chicharrones – fried strips of pork skin. Or try a favorite from our northern neighbor by digging into a traditional poutine – a Canadian dish of French fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy. You’ll also find tasty treats like Greek gyros, Spanish kabobs and Venezuelan arepas – savory bites of dough filled with corn and cheese. Not to mention Mexican and Italian favorites, too.


Already ate dinner? Come for the desserts! Let Santa’s satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolate covered marshmallows, cotton candy, candy apples dipped in M&Ms and caramel, fried Oreos and gooey fried Snickers. Feeling adventurous? Try Dragon’s Breath – a delightful concoction developed when foodies got creative with liquid nitrogen and fruity cereal puffs.

Power 96’s Lucy Lopez put Dragon’s Breath as the number one food to try at Santa’s Enchanted Forest this year. Check out her top five list here.

Santa’s is ready to satisfy your taste buds – pull up a chair (or picnic table), grab some napkins and dig in!

Santa’s Enchanted Forest, 7900 SW 40th St., Miami; Open 5pm – Midnight daily, from November 2, 2017 – January 7, 2018, including holidays.