“Snap” Away at Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Santa_SnapchatSharing pix from Santa’s just got even better now that we’ve added Snapchat filters!  If you have location services and Filters enabled on your app, you can add a fun overlay by just swiping. See what Santa’s has to offer while you’re at the park.

You can even add your memories to “Our Story” in Snapchat. Our Story is a collection of snaps from our Snapchatting visitors. Once in the app, you can find Our Stories on the Stories screen below your recent updates, on the Discover screen, on the Snap Map or in Search, under ‘Featured Stories.”  To submit a snap, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the capture button to take a Snap
  2. Tap the blue arrow in the lower right-hand corner of the screen
  3. Select “Our Story”
  4. Tap the blue arrow in the bottom right to submit your Snap!

Snaps that are submitted to Our Story are viewable for different amounts of time – some are there for only a day or two, while others can be viewed for much longer. To view Our Story, tap on the SEFMiami story, tap to skip to the next Snap and swipe down when you’re done!

Need some ideas for where to take your Snaps? Photo opportunities abound when you walk through the gates at Santa’s Enchanted Forest. Here are just a few of the great angles from which to capture your favorite moments at the park.

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  • Take a classic photo with Santa and another with South Florida’s largest Christmas Tree.
  • Make a funny face while hanging out with Santa on his fishing boat or jet ski.
  • Let every member of the family pick a different cutout for an awesome collage.
  • Get artsy with the Sky High Ferris Wheel illuminated in the background.
  • Be romantic with a couples’ selfie on Mistletoe Lane.
  • Indulge in Dragon’s Breath or Fried Oreos and share your reaction with the world.
  • Snap photos of your loved ones screaming and laughing on Santa’s many rides.
  • Capture the competitive nature of friends playing carnival games, riding the mechanical bull or trying to dunk the insulting clown.

There’s a gazillion more possibilities for some memorable photos, and hopefully you have some creative snaps to share. We’ll be looking for your favorites on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use the hashtag #santasenchantedforest or #SEF35years and keep snapping! We love seeing how much fun our visitors have!

And when you just can’t get enough of Santa’s, but can’t be there in person, you can still see what we’re up to on Snapchat.  Follow us @SEFMiami – the official Santa’s Enchanted Forest handle.

Santa’s Enchanted Forest, 7900 SW 40th St., Miami; Open 5pm – Midnight daily, from November 2, 2017 – January 7, 2018, including holidays.



12 Tips for Visiting Santa’s Enchanted Forest


  1. Buy your park passes online. You’ll be able to head directly into the park and won’t have to spend time waiting to purchase tickets at the gate. Click the “Buy Tickets” tab on Santa’s Facebook Fan Page or visit santasenchantedforest.com to get your passes today.
  2. Come early – gates open at 5:00 p.m. – and stay late – the park is open until midnight. Seven hours of fun await!expresspassusers
  3. Visit Santa’s on a week night. Saturday is without a doubt the busiest night at the park, and the lines are definitely longer on the weekends. If Saturday is best for you, consider buying an Express Pass to skip the lines and get on your favorite rides quickly.
  4. Pack a disposable poncho or rain jacket – we mostly love South Florida weather in the winter, but sometimes it does get wet. As you know, the rain doesn’t last long when it does blow through, so being prepared means you won’t have to cut your trip short if the weather isn’t ideal.
  5. To beat the crowds, walk straight to the back of the park and then work your way to the front.
  6. On your way to the carnival rides, look at the schedules posted in front of the performance areas for each of our nine nightly show stages. Planning the best time to take in the amazing entertainment is a great way to get everyone in your group to meet up and watch a show together.
  7. Leave some time to indulge in our delicious food and beverage options. Grab dinner or a snack to enjoy while watching a show.carnivalgames
  8. Try your luck at a carnival game. Prizes make great gifts for kids of all ages!
  9. Look out for the specially designed Santa’s Enchanted Forest photo stops. Make a special memory and take a family photo.
  10. Take your picture with Santa. Head to his workshop early in the evening and then pick up the photos on your way out.sef_coloringmural
  11. Leave your mark on Santa’s by embracing the kid inside. Look for Santa’s coloring board and add your artwork to the mix.
  12. Buy a souvenir to help you recall the great memories all year round! From photos to knickknacks, there are lots of options to remember your special evening at the park.

With this plan in hand, you’re all set for magical evening at Santa’s Enchanted Forest!

Santa’s Enchanted Forest, 7900 SW 40th St., Miami; Open 5pm – Midnight daily, from November 3, 2016 – January 8, 2017, including holidays.

Santa’s Loves Our Season Pass Holders!


The anticipation and excitement of Opening Day is upon us and if you’ve already purchased a Season Pass online, then you’re ready to experience a SANTAS-tic Season of Holiday Fun!  Here’s some helpful information before you head out to the park.

On your first visit this season, you will need to exchange your season pass ticket for a photo ID card before entering the park. There is no need to wait in the regular ticket lines – we have a separate area dedicated to season pass holders in order to expedite your entry. Before entering Santa’s Enchanted Forest through the front of the castle, make an immediate right and look for signs that saySeason Pass Photos.”

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